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The Beis HaMedrash will be open for learning onליל שבת קודש . There will be a Chumash Shiur on פרשת השבוע  given by R’ Yaakov Weinstein at 8:45 PM. Cholent, Kugel and Refreshments will be served. Sponsored לכבוד the Yahrzeit of the Bas Ayin הרב אברהם דוב בן רבי דוד מאווריטש ז"ל. L’zchus refuas and yeshuas for all.

The Halacha Shiur given by R’ Avraham Kapetas will take place at 3:25 this Shabbos. The topic is “Can one by יוצא  Thanksgiving dinner with turkey roll?”


Kiddush is sponsored לכבוד the Yahrzeit of the Bas Ayin

הרב אברהם דוב בן רבי דוד מאווריטש ז"ל

לז"נ ר' אברהם בן ר' עוזר ז"ל ור' משה בן ר' משה בן ר' מתתיהו ז"ל

There will be challah for those who want to make the Kiddush their seuda.

Shalosh Seudos is sponsored לזכות רפואה שלימה דוד יוסף בן יוכבד
Avos Ubanim is sponsored b’zchus the final Yeshua.

Coffee is sponsored by R’ Herschel Reisz לרפואה שלימה עלקא ברינדל בת אסתר יוטא.
Ner Lamoer חודש כסלו is sponsored by Mr. & Mrs. David Rabinowitz לז"נ ר' צבי הירש בן ר' יעקב אהרן ז"ל.
If anyone would like to sponsor any of these events please contact Yosef Horowitz 347-567-2586. The prices for sponsorships is as follows:
- Kiddush $450/week (if co-sponsorships with 2 or more people, they should give at least $250 each)
Anything extra added for Kiddush will be billed exactly the price of the items.
- Shalosh Seudos $200/week
- Ner Lamoer $1,000/month

- Friday night learning $100/week
- Coffee $100/week, $400/month
- Avos Ubanim $300/week
- Seudas Rosh Chodesh $400

If anybody needs a receipt for any pledges made out to the shul please contact Efraim Graber at 347-239-7061 or

Tanya Shiur - There is a Tanya Shiur every Tuesday morning following the 8:30 AM Shachris given by R’ Shmuel Shneur Zalman Weinstein שליט"א (father of Yaakov Weinstein).

Peleh Yoetz – The shul is learning Peleh Yoetz together. To access the shiurim on Peleh Yoetz please click this link

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