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The Beis HaMedrash will be open for learning on ליל שבת קודש. There will be a Chumash Shiur on פרשת השבוע given by R’ Yaakov Weinstein at 9:00 PM. Cholent, Kugel and Refreshments will be served. Sponsorship available.

The Halacha Shiur given by R’ Avraham Kapetas will take place at 4:35 this Shabbos. The topic is “What ‏ברכה does one say when putting ‏תפילין at night?”


Kiddush is sponsored by Dr. & Mrs. Yisroel Bitterman לז"נ his father ר' ליפא בן ר' משה ז"ל

Shalosh Seudos is sponsored by Mr. & Mrs. Doron Stern לז"נ his mother מרת רות בת ר' שמואל ע"ה

Avos Ubanim is sponsored by Mr. & Mrs. Avromi Meyer l’kovod all the kids of the 5 towns.

Coffee is sponsored by R’ Herschel Reisz לרפואה שלימה עלקא ברינדל בת אסתר יוטא.

Ner Lamoer 'חודש אדר א is sponsored by Mr. & Mrs. Yudi Gelbtuch לז"נ הבחור מנחם מענדל ז"ל בן יבלחט"א ר' מרדכי נ"י

If anyone would like to sponsor any of these events please contact Yosef Horowitz 347-567-2586. The prices for sponsorships is as follows:
- Kiddush $450/week (if co-sponsorships with 2 or more people, they should give at least $250 each)
Anything extra added for Kiddush will be billed exactly the price of the items.
- Shalosh Seudos $2
- Ner Lamoer $1,000/month

- Friday night learning $100/week
- Coffee $100
/week, $400/month
- Avos Ubanim $300/week

- Seudas Rosh Chodesh $400

If anybody needs a receipt for any pledges made out to the shul please contact Efraim Graber at 347-239-7061 or

Peleh Yoetz – The shul is learning Peleh Yoetz together. To access the shiurim on Peleh Yoetz please click this link

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